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Lokeman: no revisions are needed because no live grenade of sexism was thrown into either national political convention. However, a live grenade of racism was thrown, into the presidential race, by former President Clinton. I sure miss Molly Ivins right about now. The minimum focus distance is 30cm, good enough to let you get close to flowers and animals that aren’t too small. The lens doesn’t extend or rotate when focusing, so graduated filters aren’t a problem. The lens takes 52mm filters, same as Nikon’s 18 55 and 55 200mm kit lenses. He founded the Mysto Magic Co. And traveled between New York and New Haven on the train. It was while on the train that, as the legend has it, he was so inspired by the steel catenary towers that electrified the underground access to the new Grand Central Terminal that he came up with the idea of creating the Erector Set.. PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN 6) About three years ago, Kathy Gant paid $250 for a used, Kenmore HE 2T front loading washer and dryer. The efficient machines can wholesale nfl jerseys use up to 40 percent less water than traditional top loading machines and for Gant, that’s wholesale jerseys an extra $50 per month.. With it being the Si model it has the wonderfully supportive seats with the big shoulder supports and it has the m sport steering wheel with is much wholesale nfl jerseys nicer than the standard cheap nfl jerseys one. The leather is oyster leather which is an almost white colour not anything like cream. It is very attractive and is wholesale jerseys also heated.. On July 18, the opening day of the carrier, a flight from Shanghai to Yantai cost 199 yuan (about $24). The move by Spring Airlines which is owned by Shanghai Spring Travel Agency, the largest privately owned travel agency in China stirred discussions in the media about low cost airfares. In April, Thailand Asia Airline opened its China flights and charged 99 yuan ($12) for a ticket from Xiamen to Bangkok. Cozy and kitschy, Lazy Jane’s is the beloved caf and bakery owned by Madison food scene veteran Jane Capito, who also owns the block away Mickey’s Tavern. Lazy Jane’s is a staple of Willy Street with rave worthy scones the lemon cream scone is the cornerstone (cornerscone, if you will) and always interesting breakfast items like spicy mac ‘n’ cheese pancakes, a red velvet waffle or a tofu scramble. You’re greeted by a handwritten menu on the half wood paneled wall, with dome light ceiling fans overhead and black and red checkered floors underfoot. In the thrift store at the Fair Street Reformed Church, a room is set aside for children’s clothing and items, while another holds adult clothing and shoes and a third holds household dishes and other items. The fourth room holds a variety of items, including some Christmas decorations and jewelry, as well as books. Books can also be found in a hallway of the store.