Проект “Створення індустріального парку “Центральний” у Кременчуці”

on the tender conduction

Kremenchuk City Council of Poltava oblast of the VI convocation of 2015 adopted a decision on approval of the tender documentation and announcement of the tender on the management company of the industrial park “CENTRAL” in Kremenchuk.

Object of the tender: a land plot with a total area of 168,55 ha (the cadastral number is 5310436100:01:003:0003), which is located in northern industrial district for the creation and functioning of the industrial park “CENTRAL” in Kremenchuk in this territory (Annex a Concept of the industrial park “CENTRAL” in Kremenchuk). The territory is free from development. The period of the use of the land within the territory of the industrial park “CENTRAL” in Kremenchuk is 50 years.

Initiator of the tender – Kremenchuk City Council of Poltava oblast (Ploscha Peremogy 2, Kremenchuk, Poltava oblast, 39600).

An address of the tender commission which receives applications for participation in tender, provides with the tender documentation and also receives tender proposals from the tender participants: vul. Generala Zhadova 12, Kremenchuk, Poltava oblast, 39600.

Time of receipt: Monday – Thursday from 09:00 to 17:00; Friday from 09:00 to 16:00. Telephone number: (05366) 3-30-13.

Tender begins from the date of the announcement publication.

Tender participants can send their tender proposals till 16:00 on April 15, 2016.

The opening of envelopes with the submitted tender proposals by the tender bidders will be executed at 11.00 on April 18, 2016 at the address: Kremenchuk, Ploscha Peremogy 2, the 3rd floor, malyi zal №1.

General tender conditions:

1.    The amount of involved workers from Kremenchuk and Kremenchuk district cannot be less than 89%.

2.     Implementation of the concept of the industrial park “CENTRAL” in Kremenchuk.

3.     Construction of a full range of buildings for the effective functioning of production of every member of the industrial park.

4.     Obligatory registration of participants of the industrial park – legal entities at the territory of Kremenchuk.

5.    Usage of land plots within the territory of the industrial park should meet sanitary and epidemiologic requirements.

6.    Land plots may be leased for a period of 50 years with a right of sublease.

7.     The registration fee is 2.500 UAH. (Registration fee is paid by wire transfer of money on current account of initiator of the industrial park creation and used for organization and preparation of the tender). Account details for the registration fee payment are: Treasury office in Kremenchuk/ Kremenchuk/ 50110000 transaction


account 31511931700008 EDRPOU code 37965850 Receiver’s bank Principal office of the State Treasury Service of Ukraine in Poltava oblast MFO 831019.

8.      Providing of the permanent functioning of the industrial park “CENTRAL” in Kremenchuk.

9.      Creation of appropriate infrastructure at the industrial park territory, necessary for implementation of economic activity not less than 12 396,0 UAH (twelve million three hundred ninety six thousand hryvnia), at the expense of the management company enterprise.

10.    Guarantee of compensation of losses in agricultural and forestry production in the amount of 10 294,10 UAH (ten million two hundred ninety four thousand one hundred hryvnia) within two months since the date of the changes approval in the intended function project and approval of a land lease.

11.    Providing of the business activity within the industrial park territory by its participants within 3 years since the signing of the contract with a management company on creation and functioning of the industrial park.

12.    While signing a contract management company is obliged to consider all requirements under the draft treaty.


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